Affiliate Marketing and Life!

Affiliate Marketing and life stuff has kept me incredibly busy so its been awhile since I have posted anything or updated my website here.  As you know this is the biggest time of the year if you sell products. I was in overload mode building sites for the holidays and getting ready for the new year as there are several holidays over the next few months and its always good to plan ahead and get going with your new sites for the year.

Life is Important to Your Affiliate Marketing Business

In the life aspect I decided to move back to Oklahoma city so that I could be with kids and grand kids really missed them and I think it really affected my focus on my business. I got back to Oklahoma city on thanksgiving and then the process of finding a place to live and getting it set up. I also decided to bring my father back with me he is 79 and he has not been able to spend time with his grand children or great grand kids. So a little bit of a life change in getting use to him being around all the time. But it is nice to have him and the grand kids again.

Business is Also Important to your Life Goals

Business wise its always good to look back and analyze what was successful in your affiliate marketing business and what was not successful as far as niches are concerned. You always have to be testing the waters and see what works and does not work. As the year goes along there are so many different variables that happen. Of course generally what works is what is trending now. but i always look for things that are sustainable all year long. Generally clothes and house items are used and break all year so there are some great niches in those two categories. I tend to do more physical products that fix a need verses the intangible products like disease and self help, weight loss type stuff. Now don’t get em wrong I dabble in it along with how to make money type stuff also but its not my main focus.

Hopefully I will be posting more and giving out some advice on making money online here in the next few months. Get ready for a ride and don’t forget to bookmark me and share my posts. I appreciate everyone that follows me and wish everyone great and profitable months ahead.

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