Wednesday, April 25, 2018

How To Create A Blog For Free And Make Money

Are you interested in exploring the wonderful world of blogging? That’s great! Blogging is an excellent way to share your passion and interests to other people and make money in the process. The problem, however, is that having a self-hosted website entails you to shell out a few bucks. Many say that a self-hosted blog is heaps better than a free one, but the reality is not everyone has the money to avail of his or her domain and web hosting. If you belong to this group, there’s no reason to fret. You can create a blog for free and still earn money.

How To Create A Blog For Free And Make Money

Beginners in online marketing can benefit a lot from using free blogging platforms. They present an opportunity to have your blog up and running with just a few clicks, all without having to spend an initial investment. Sure, a self-hosted website is better in pretty much all aspects, but there’s nothing wrong with taking little steps and starting with a free blog.

Your first order of business is to find a free blogging platform. A quick Google search will return several options for you. Some of the most popular choices include WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Tumblr, Weebly and Webs. Often referred to as content management systems (CMS) or Web 2.0 sites, these blogging platforms all work in a similar way. You just have to register and enter the details of your blog such as the domain name and blog title.

After filling in all the required information, you now have your very own blog. You should see a dashboard containing all the control settings of your newly created website. The things you see on the dashboard might not make sense right now, but a few minutes of tinkering should help you understand all of their functions.

should be easy, especially if you talk about something you’re passionate about. Let’s discuss something more interesting: how to make money from your free blog. Contrary to what many people say, there are free blogging platforms that allow you to monetize your blog. This is an important consideration when choosing which CMS to use. If you want to make money blogging, be sure that the platform you use allows the placement of advertisements on your pages.

Beginners often get frustrated upon learning that the CMS they’re using places ads on their pages. This is a common practice, and one you should be aware of before you create a blog for free. Some CMS doesn’t share profit with users, but there are a few that allows you to place ads and referral links on your blog. One example is Blogger, which is owned by Google.

Now that you know how to create a blog for free, it’s time to fill it with useful content and promote it to various online platforms. You can check out how to use search engine optimization to boost your site visibility. You might also want to look into social media marketing and find out how to harness the power of social media sites when it comes to generating traffic to your blog.

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